[tulip] LNE100TX rev. 5.0

Jacob Schroeder j-schroeder@myrealbox.com
Wed Dec 12 17:00:01 2001

I've got a Linksys LNE100TX that is marked ver. 5.0 on the board and 4.1 on the chipset. It's seems to be working fine as far as the driver finding it and being able to access the network and all, but my problem is that I've had an unusually large number of packet collisions since I hooked this NIC upto the network. I've got 5 sometimes 6 computers on the network counting the firewall, all going through the 8 port hub. My machine with the LNE100TX is the fileserver for the LAN. In just a couple hours ifconfig tells me I've had 65,832 packet collisions on this NIC. I think the problem is just that the NIC is trying to use full duplex instead of half, so I tried using "insmod tulip debug=1 options=9" and "insmod tulip debug=1 options=12" as seen on the www.scyld.com site but I'm still having the problem. 

Is there something I'm missing or does this NIC not support those options?


BTW - system specs are Debian 2.2r4 on a 1Ghz Athlon w/256MB Ram. The tulip driver is version 0.91 loading as a module at boot time.


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