[tulip] tulip.c won't compile on my redhat linux7.0 box

David Shochat shochat@acm.org
Fri, 03 Nov 2000 17:41:00 -0500

"Clifton T. Sharp Jr." wrote:
> I have seen it said that the compiler shipped with RH is buggy, and that
> there is another compiler supplied with KDE that should be used instead.
This only applies to RedHat 7.0. The problem does not exist in previous

The gcc which is shipped with 7.0 is a version which the gcc developers
consider to be interim and not suitable for inclusion in a distribution
such as this. RedHat disagrees.

Anyway, you should use kgcc (which I believe is a more stable version
which is also included) for compiling kernel drivers. I think the 'k' is
for 'kernel' (it has nothing to do with KDE).

In addition, if you are using RH 7.0 (again, not a problem with 6.2 and
previous) you have to make sure you are using the kernel headers that go
with kernel 2.2 (by default you'll get some sort of 2.4 headers). Ways
to do this have been discussed here quite a bit. 
-- David