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The duplex light is controlled by software on the tulip cards, this requires
code for each of the different cards/chips in the range, according to

Homer Wilson Smith [homer@lightlink.com] wrote:
> > 	I am not doubting there are issues on the Cisco end here, just
> > trying to narrow down the product lines and whatnot.  Given their
> > habit of buying a /neat/ company, and after re-badging dropping their
> > new product in the middle of the product line there can be some major
> > differences between what are supposed to be similar devices.
>     You mean like Netspeed and Aironet :)
>     I am using Cisco 1912's and 1924's exclusively.  I just
> can't get the 21143's to work.  The tulip-diag SAYS they
> are in full dup, but the green light is not on, and packet
> throughput is very slow with lots of runt frames, which is
> classic symptoms of card being in half duplex and cisco being
> in full.  Don't know though, maybe something else is going on.
>     Homer
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