Tulip with Kernel 2.2?

John Garrison jeg@visi.net
Wed Mar 22 12:36:40 2000


I have sent this message a couple times before, but you all seem to busy
arguing with Jeff to help anybody, ironically he was the only one to try
to help me. Unfortunately I am running a 2.2 kernel, not 2.3. Could
someone please take a look at this and tell me what my problem may be?

I have a DEC 21143 Based Ethernet Card. I am not sure of the
manufacturer it came with the computer, tulip seems to almost work with
it, I
mean I can ping the ip address assigned to the ethernet card, but
according to cat /proc/net/dev the eth0 interface hasn't sent or
recieved any packets. How is this possible if I can ping it.
Also I am trying to setup a network and I am fairly certain I have
everything setup right, however when I try to ping the apple nothing
happens. The apple is at address the linux box is at , a traceroute to the apple gives me this:

# traceroute apple
traceroute: Warning: Multiple interfaces found; using @ eth0
traceroute to apple (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
 1  tux (  2993.265 ms !H  2998.627 ms !H  2999.310 ms !H   

I would think that the fact that it knows to go through tux to get to
apple is a good sign, but nothing happens after that.

Also I continually get this on the console:

eth0: transmit timed out, switching to 100baseTx media.
eth0: 21140 transmit timed out, status f0260000, SIA 000000c6 ffff0000
fff87f3d 8ff60000, resetting...
eth0: transmit timed out, switching to 10baseT media.
eth0: 21140 transmit timed out, status f0260000, SIA 000000c6 ffff0000
fff8ffff 8ff60000,

It just keeps switching back and forth between 100baseTx and 10baseT. If
I turn it off and then on again with linuxconf sometimes it will stop
the warnings saying that it is set to 10BaseT-FD or something like that.

I found a tip somewhere that set an option in the modules.conf file that
locked the card into 10baset-FD or something like that, but then I still
keep getting those messages, they just all say 10baset-FD. Sometimes if
I disable ethernet throught linuxconf and reenable it that will stop the
messages, however that also frequently stops my internet connection and
sometimes my X-server connections. (The internet connection and X-server
connections don't disconnect, they just don't work right anymore)

Is there something wrong with my ethernet driver, or what? Can I fix
this so that my iMac and my Linux box can connect?

Thanks greatly for any help.
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