Linksys Cardbus and .90k

Donald Becker
Thu Feb 18 15:16:57 1999

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Nicholas Jenkins wrote:
> Subject: Linksys Cardbus and .90k
> Who, if anyone, at this point is working on updates
> to the .90K version of tulip.c to resolve its issues
> with the latest linksys card(s)?  Any luck?

I am actively working on the Tulip driver.
I've been spending about three hours a day over the past week on it, and
I've sent out various private snapshots to individuals to test.

AFAIK, the current public test release, 90K, should work with both
versions of the Linksys CardBus card (at the expense of breaking PCI
21143-TD/PD boards:-<).

[[ My latest snapshot now works with the PNIC-II, but I just borrowed an
AmbiCom CardBus w/SYM transceiver and an ASIX88140 PCI card last night that
reportedly fail with the current driver.  Just when I thought I was ready
for a release... ]]

> Notes about current tulip.c:
> When this failed, I found the other page and downloaded
> .90K.  This failed for a long time.  At the same time,
> I was trying to resolve some XFree86 problems.  As it
> turns out, at home, I'm running 100BT, Full Duplex.

With Autonegotiation?

> At work, I am running 10BT.

Without Autonegotiation e.g. a simple old-technology repeater?

>  At home, afer recompiling
> the kernel 2.2.1 (to resolve my XFree86 problem), I got
> the network card to work once - although I did also have
> to do: ifconfig eth0 down; ifconfig eth0 up <--saw this
> in some of the postings - and it did work.
> between the 2 environments, but I believe that based on
> these experiences, as some others that I have not documented,
> that any driver prior to .90K is worthless for the Linksys,

It depends on the version.  The older card works fine, as long as snooze mode
is never enabled.
The new 21143-TD chip has a different EEPROM size and must have burst mode
disabled to work.

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