Linksys Cardbus and .90k

Nicholas Jenkins
Thu Feb 18 14:44:38 1999

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Good Day,

My name is Nicholas Jenkins.
This is my first post to this list.
I have been reading for about the last month, and
I have perused through several prior months' notes.

First my questions:
Who, if anyone, at this point is working on updates
to the .90K version of tulip.c to resolve its issues
with the latest linksys card(s)?  Any luck?

My offer:
I know nothing about Linux driver development, or the
specifics of this technology, but I am a proficient
programmer, and I am willing to help in whatever way
I can to this cause.  Just point me in the right direction.

Uniqueness: I have a Dell Inspiron 7000 and a Linksys
Cardbus 10/100 card (chip rev d) that I can develop on.

Notes about current tulip.c:
I started trying to compile version .89L (pointed to by
the Linksys web page) under RH 5.2.  when this failed,
I found the linksys dev page (one of them :) and I got
.90F.  When this failed, I upgraded to kernel 2.2.1.
When this failed, I found the other page and downloaded
.90K.  This failed for a long time.  At the same time,
I was trying to resolve some XFree86 problems.  As it
turns out, at home, I'm running 100BT, Full Duplex.
At work, I am running 10BT.  At home, afer recompiling
the kernel 2.2.1 (to resolve my XFree86 problem), I got
the network card to work once - although I did also have
to do: ifconfig eth0 down; ifconfig eth0 up <--saw this
in some of the postings - and it did work.
Now then, I went into work the next day, and I recompiled
the kernel again, after which I tried to start the network,
and I got nothing.  In fact, I recompiled the kernel 10
different ways, none of which would allow me to resolve
the problem - regardless of any ifconfig or /etc/pcmcia

Since then, I have been moving between houses, and I broke
my ankle, so I haven't been able to transport my notebook
between the 2 environments, but I believe that based on
these experiences, as some others that I have not documented,
that any driver prior to .90K is worthless for the Linksys,
and that even then it will ONLY work in 100BT environments - 
in spite of the fact that even in 10BT environments it "sees"
that the link is only 10BT, and it would otherwise appear
that it is responding appropriately to that environment (I
say this based upon the MII LEDs).

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