netgear FA310TX/tulip problem

Jon Lewis
Wed Feb 10 11:04:42 1999

On Wed, 10 Feb 1999, Aaron Stromas wrote:

> i need help with getting my ethernet netgear fa310tx card to work on my
> linux 2.0.34 system. i think, i managed to compile the driver correctly,

>           Ethernet controller: unknown vendor LNE100TX (rev 33)

Upgrade to 2.0.36.  Earlier versions of the tulip driver didn't support
this new/crappy version of the FA310TX.  Since Netgear switched the chips,
I've had many FA310TX's go bad, sometimes just taking down the ethernet
port, sometimes causing the system to crash.  I think we're up to 20% RMA
rate so far on our last 2 10-packs.  The first dozen which had real 21140
chips are rock solid.

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