Accton Cheetah 10/100 PCI (EN1207D)

Sun Jan 31 22:02:21 1999

On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, Peter Burns wrote:

> I bought this card and I have been trying to get it to
> work under linux without much success.
> I have compiled a module for the tulip driver (from
> 2.0.34) but when I use  "insmod tulip.o" it responds
> with a message stating "device or resource busy".

We have also have an Accton EN1207 (w/ BNC) and it has been working very
well for over a year now. We're using the driver that comes standard with
the kernel (0.89H) because I'm a bit lazy. I don't know what type the
EN1207D is, but our EN1207 has a 21140-AC chipset.

Could it be the problems you have are caused by the fact that the card
has to share it's IRQ with another device? We had similar problems when
the Accton EN1207 and an NCR 52c810 SCSI controller were sharing the same
IRQ. Moving the NCR card to another slot solved the problem.


Ps. The info below probably isn't useful... It's an SMP machine, in case
you were wondering about the use of IRQ 17. SMP machines have an extra IO


tulip.c:v0.89H 5/23/98
eth0: Digital DS21140 Tulip at 0x6500, 00 00 e8 2e 79 26, IRQ 17.
eth0: Old format EEPROM on 'Accton EN1207' board.  Using substitute media
control info.
eth0:  EEPROM default media type Autosense.
eth0:  Index #0 - Media 10base2 (#1) described by a 21140 non-MII (0)
eth0:  Index #1 - Media 100baseTx (#3) described by a 21140 non-MII (0)
eth0:  Index #2 - Media 10baseT (#0) described by a 21140 non-MII (0)