Accton en1102, more info

Alan Jones
Sun Jan 31 21:20:23 1999

Ok, i compiled the tulip driver as a module and using the info from
Gerhard Wiesinger, forced it into 10baseT mode, now it is constantly
spewinf error messages to my terminal reading:
eth0: 21140 transmit timed out, status FC260400, SIA ffffff0b ffffffff
1c09fdc0 fffffec8
eth0: 21140 transmit timed out, status FC260000, SIA ffffff0b ffffffff
1c09fdc0 fffffec8

ifconfig shows a climbing # of errors, 1 for each message, that dosent
seem to stop, but with it as a module it sends some TX packets.. still
no RX packets...

>> Hi,
>> I have a Accton en1207 card that has an old eeprom, it has a 21140-AC

>> chipset, and it dosent seem to be working... I have the newest driver

>> (.90f) installed and it detects it on boot, but when my box gets to
>> IPv4 packet forwarding part of it's boot, the computer sits for about
>> min, then the card reports that it is changing modes, then it goes on
>> mins later and complains about bad addresses. ifconfig reports about
>> TX error a second, no RX anything errors or packets... any
>> suggestions???
>I have two Accton EN1207 (without any extension, the one with BNC)
>under Linux.
>For further information:
>> Thanks,
>> Alan Jones