Level-One FNC-0500TX

Danilo Godec danci@kibla.org
Thu Dec 9 08:48:19 1999


I have one Level-One FNC-0500TX card for testing purposes and I wonder,
what this card really is and what it can do. The manufacturer
(http://www.level-one.net) calls it a 'switch card', but I thought it
might be functional as a multi-port card. The manuals are not very

The card is using some variant of Winbond 840 chip as this was the only
driver detecting the card. It only sees a single interface though (eth1 in
my case) and that's it. No sign of other ports, no sign of any other
(switch-like) capabilites. 

Does anyone have a clue about this cards?

Thanks, D.

PS: http://www.level-one.net/english/produkte/fnc-0500tx.htm