Trouble with LNE100TX card (resolved!)

Jay Salmonson
Fri Dec 3 01:05:31 1999


Success!!  I figured out my problem.  I currently use "loadlin" to boot
Linux from Win98 (I intend to implement LILO later).  Out of a desperate
need for expediency, I decided to hit "F8" upon rebooting my machine
(before Win98 begins to load) and then select the command line option
(basically go to DOS instead of boot Windows).  I then "loadlin"ed to
Linux from the DOS prompt and POOF, it worked great.  I was on the
network immediately (I guess I'd configured everything else correctly).

So Windows buggers something up that isn't reset when booting into
Linux.  Strange.  That's a bit bothersome, but I'm just glad to have my
linux up on the net.  I hope someone else who might be having these
types of difficulties might benefit from this information.  

I'm using the tulip 0.91g driver, btw.

So I won't stomp my PNICII card just yet. :)

Thanks so much to everyone who responded with helpful advice, and
particularly to Donald Becker for his impressive work on the tulip
driver (and all the other drivers)!  Now it is time to install my other
Linksys card (or maybe I'll try another card) and get my network

Thanks again,