EN1207D-TX (100mbs Accton ethernet card)

Kevin Williams williams@emss.co.za
Mon Apr 26 11:41:21 1999

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Hello All,	

I am struggling to get an ACCTON EN1207D-TX to work properly under
Linux. I've got a 2.0.35 kernel, as the driver ACCTON supplies on their
web site won't compile under 2.2.x because of some new interface with

I can load the en1207 module (called mpx5030) which works, and I can get
it configured with an IP number etc. I can also ping the card, and get
valid replies. I CAN'T telnet to this IP, though - the telnet login says
its connected, but just hangs there.

An /etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart gives:

Cable disconnected.
Link fail!

On the other side of the link, I have an Adaptec 6944, configured, etc.
I can ping all four ports, and can telnet properly to the ports.

There is a cat5 cable between these cards... 

Why does the EN1207 complain about the cable being disconnected? Is
there something else one needs to configure on the cards? I've got a
bunch of EN1207's here, and a bunch of cables. They all do this.

Many thanks for any clues,

Kevin Williams

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