v0.91 driver released for testing

Shigehiro Nomura s.nomura@mba.nifty.ne.jp
Sun Apr 18 11:39:37 1999

Thank you for your reply.

> The issue is that the 21143-TD chip (revision 65 is the "-TD" chip)
> can optionally use a larger EEPROM and store the CardBus CIS in it.
> This saves having a seperate memory for the CIS.

Oh, I see.

> The tulip-diag program uses the following code to detect the larger
> EEPROM, but I don't consider it reliable:

Thank you.
In my system, andsum is 0x0000.

According to Fig.8-7 "Read Operation" in "21143 Hardware Reference
Manual rev1.0", Dout becomes to L when A0 bit is fed. 
(Dout is CSR9 bit 3)
In my system, Dout is H while command phase and address phase(A5..A1).
And Dout is L when the last of address phase(A0).
Can we use this feature to measure the length of address ?

> No.  I changed it recently and it's wrong.
> Not that it was always correct before -- it lost count when a card was
> removed while suspended.

> A better approach might be to put back the call to tulip_close() on
> suspend, and handle the eject-while-suspended case.  I'll check into
> this.

I see.
Thank you very much.

Best Regards,
Shigehiro Nomura                   s.nomura@mba.nifty.ne.jp