[scyld-users] Fortran code execution on single compute node

Harshavardhan Ghuge ghugeha at auburn.edu
Wed Aug 24 06:36:02 PDT 2005

Let me put my problem in a different way. 
I have a binary stored in a directory named /scratch on a compute node
6. This directory is not on the NFS. I have the input data file required
for the binary in the same directory.
Is there any command which I can use to execute this binary?
(I am asking this because the bpsh command uses the binary stored in the
master node)

The other way is using the bpsh command. I use the following command-
[ghugeha at cicero stat-oplt-unsteady]$ bpsh 6 sh -c "./stat.opltf.v6.out" 
This binary looks for the input data file in the same directory where it
is stored. How can I tell the binary to look for the input data file in
a /scratch directory (which is not on the NFS) on compute node 6 ?
Can I specify the path of this input data file in my fortran code?



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