[scyld-users] Fortran code execution on compute node

Michael Will mwill at penguincomputing.com
Mon Aug 22 09:11:31 PDT 2005

Which version of scyld are you using?

There used to be a bug that I ran into with Amber, that when executing
a file that resided in a different directory than my current working 
it would open input files from the current directory on the master, but from
the executables directory on the compute node. So it behaved differently
on the master than on the compute node.

I had called it with mpirun ../../bin/foo

The workaround until it was fixed was to do a link of the binary into my
data directory where I wanted it to execute, so I could call it with
mpirun ./foo instead.

This was without the complication of having some directories local and
some shared by NFS but it might still be the same issue.

Michael Will

Harshavardhan Ghuge wrote:

>I am am a new user of the scyld beowulf cluster.  I am trying to execute
>a fortran code in the cluster. The code is not a cluster aware code.
>The code reads data from a input file and then writes data to an output
>I use the following command to execute the code
>bpsh 6 ./binary.out
>where 6 is the node number.I have the binary.out and the input data file
>stored at two locations. One location is one of the sub-directories on
>the master node and other is a directory /scratch on the node 6. After
>the bpsh command the code gets executed but it uses the input data file
>stored in the sub directories on the master node.It does not use the
>data file stored on node 6. This happens because the bpsh command uses
>the binary.out file stored on the master node. The program starts on the
>master node and then it is passsed to the compute node.
>What I want is that the code should use the input data file stored in
>the compute node and also the code should create the output data file in
>the compute node.
>I tried to do this by deleting the data files on the master node but
>then the code does not work.
>Any suggestions??
>Harshal Ghuge
>Graduate Research Assistant
>Aerospace Engineering
>Auburn University
>Email ghugeha at auburn.edu
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