[scyld-users] Welcome to the "Scyld-users" mailing list

James D. Marco jdm27 at cornell.edu
Fri Nov 22 05:57:00 PST 2002

Hi all,
	I am a newbee to Beowulf clusters. I am a computer scientist with about
15 years experience. About 6 years ago, I quit programming and began supporting
Linux/NT.  I've run Yggdrasil, Slackware and Red Hat from the inception (I 
still have
the Halloween disk in my pouch.)
	The Scyld disk put the cluster up on my computers, fine.  The graduate
students and faculty will be using it, I only have to support it 
(yeah...sure!) The initial
entry is 5 computers, Dual Athelon, MP, 2200.
	We had some minor trouble with one of the vendors. He installed a stand-alone
cluster based on PVM and MPI (each of the machines was a stand alone 
But, he refused to support it.  I broke the cluster down into Master and 
nodes based on Scyld and told the users I would support that.
	Sooo, my problem:
	1) I am looking for some sample programs. The users are a little
	skeptical that it is up and running after the vendor problem. If I can
	demonstrate a 200-300% performance increase, this would be good.
	2) Is the Scyld cluster multi-processor capable?  I have not seen the
	SMP kernel in the start up of the Scyld cluster. I note that the monitor
	shows both CPU's on all nodes.

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