[scyld-users] Re: diskless nodes

Donald Becker becker at scyld.com
Thu Nov 14 12:06:02 PST 2002

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, Chris Lipp wrote:

> I am a newbie to clustering and looking for some assistance. I have set
> up a small beowulf cluster (10 slave nodes connected to the front-end
> with a 100Mb/s switch) using the SCYLD release.

Which release?

> I have had no problems
> bringing the system up online and booting all of my diskless nodes, and
> recieving the "up" status signal from the beosetup monitor. 
> My problem arises when I go to run a benchmark; every benchmark I try doesnt
> seem to be using the nodes. I have tried many while monitoring the nodes
> in the beostatus window with no response. 

Try using
  export NP=10
  export ALL_CPUS=1

> The only thing I have been able to determine independently is that the
> slave nodes are not reporting any memory during boot-up (I have
> upgraded the bios - no change) the slave nodes are old HP vectra
> VLs. The beomap function only returns the -1 response from the front
> end. I can bpsh into all the nodes with no problems. 

Test the scheduler by running
  NP=10 beomap

You should get back (on an idle cluster):

Note that the first process ("rank 0" for MPI) is on the master, and you
use only 9 slaves.

ALL_CPUS=1 beomap

ALL_CPUS=1 NO_LOCAL=1 beomap

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