system lockup with RTL8139

Ron Luse
Fri Sep 17 12:22:53 1999

> On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Puneet Goel wrote:
> > I am using the RTL8139 on a single board computer using RT-Linux. The
> > system works fine mostly but once in a while it just locks up. Nothing
> > can get the system going except powering down and up. I have not been
> > able to get a pattern going. The data transfer is pretty large but not
> > huge.

This is very similar to a problem I am facing.  I am also using an SBC,
specifically the Axiom SBC8354VEA with a K6-2 @ 400MHz.  URL :
I am running kernel 2.2.10, now with the 1.08f rtl8139 driver mentioned by
Donald in his reply to the above quoted message.

In my case, the system runs reasonably well and networks well until I have
the main application running, which consumes 50-75% of the processor.
Once the application is running, interactive networking seems to work
but copying a file (rcp, http, whatever) results in the network interface
ceasing to function.  System continues to run.  From the console, I can
"down" the interface and bring it back up, and the network again starts,
pings work, interactive sessions work, etc.

The network consists of a cross-over cable to a PII-350 running a 3c905B
card under linux 2.2.10.

When the interface fails, the statistics from ifconfig reveal that there
was an RX over-run.  I have loaded the driver with various levels of
debug, sometimes resulting in the system being MORE resistant to interface
hanging (particularly at debug > 4).  Some failures also give me the 
error "Oversized Ethernet frame, status XXXXXXXX with varying values
of XXXXXXXX. In perusing the code, near the "Oversized" printf I see 
the comment:
		/* A.C.: The chip hangs here. */

Which seems to be exactly what's happening.

Is this a known problem with the chip?  Is there a work around possible?
Does anyone want more specifics of this failure?  Can anyone offer any
tips on what I might try to fix this ?  I have device driver experience,
but would appreciate any tips on where to start.
Appreciate your time in reading this.


Ron Luse
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