[eepro100] VESA causes "eth0: card reports no resources" ?!?!

Christoph Plattner christoph.plattner@alcatel.at
Fri, 03 Aug 2001 11:59:58 +0200

I remeber here a special thing from old days !!

As I used Windows-NT before, I had problems with the
serial line in connection with a modem (internet).
When I was surfing with netscape and I was scrolling
the view of the page, some errors occured on the PPP

I found in the internet, etc., solutions for the problem.
One was the activation of the FIFO of the 16550, and the
other was:
	Switching of a special PCI Retry Freature of
the graphics controller. This was one checkbox in the
old NT 4.0. I do not remember the exactly name, but there
was a feature, which has boost up the graphic card's
priority on the PCI bus. The AGP is also organized as a further
PCI bus with a PCI bus number.

So I think, that there is a relation between your problem
and this.

An other point my be the IRQ load. The eepro100 driver
receives a packet, pulls the IRQ line. The IRQ service
routine fetches all received packtes since the last IRQ
call, and then fills up the receive buffer area, so that
eepro100 has space to write in the further received packtes.
If those area is used and NOT REFILLED, the eepro100 chip
sets the flag haeving NO RESOUCE !

So the bus load or interrupt load can be the reason for that.

With friendly regards
	Christoph P.

"Schofield,Joe" wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have narrowed down the problems with "eth0: card reports no resources" to
> the change I made to customize
> the boot logo.
> I had this problem with kernel 2.4.5smp and now have it with 2.4.3smp, but
> only after turning on the following options and running a patchLogo.pl
> script I found that changes the default penguin to some other logo.
> Here are the options I turned on:
> The above may not be as correct as the following.  In make menuconfig I
> turned on the following options:
> Under Console drivers
> VGA Text Console
> Video mode selection support
> Under Frame-buffer support
> Support for frame buffer devices (EXPERIMENTAL)
> VESA VGA graphics console
> I do not subscribe to this list, so if you want me to try something or give
> additional info, please copy your reply to joe.schofield@echostar.com
> Also, if this causes someone to say, "Ah ha!" and fix the eepro100 driver,
> please let me know, so I can patch mine too.
> Joseph B. Schofield
> Senior Engineer
> Echostar Data Networks
> (404) 978-8023
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