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That is related to the end Moores Law.  The shrinking of the transistor stopped increasing CPU speed in 2005 which brought about the release of multi core CPUS the fastest CPU ever release was at 4.5GHz in 2004.  The newer i5 and i7 are quite a bit slower per core than the single core from the early 2000s by almost half.  Any single threaded algorithm today will suffer as core counts increase and frequency decreases.  This is creating a very strong market for technologies like the fpga that accelerate single threaded logic operations.  Just look at a CPU history chart we are slowing down the core substantially making multithread a requirement for the future and yet we failing to train programmers with the skills for multithread.


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> (I just found that at least a while ago, Xilinx supported clusters for
>some of  their design tools.. Since right now the design I'm working
>with takes an hour to synthesize (on a single machine), I'm going to
>look further - it has been a real rate limiter in the lab, because it
>makes the test, new design, load, test cycle a lot longer.)

it looks like current (vivado 16.4) synthesis program hasn't been
parallelized - it's strictly single threaded and so uses just one
core... :o/  I've recently benchmarked a few i5 & i7 workstations
- there seem to be very little differences (maybe 10-20%) between
CPUs released over last ~4-5 years :o/


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