[Beowulf] i7-4770R 128MB L4 cache CPU in compact 0.79 litre box - DIY cluster?

carlos m ceballos cceballosq at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 12:54:26 PST 2014

*hi! I have problem with openssh, if a create key in master to comunicate
with nodo, I create key public and create file authorized_keys, I send file
authorized_keys of master to nodo:*
*#scp -r /root/.ssh clisterX:/root/.ssh*
*later I try connect to nodo but, I have that put key :(  *

*when I create key in file authorized_keys in "nodo" to comunicate with
master with ssh*

*#scp -r /root/.ssh master:/root/.ssh*
*later I try connect to master and I can without put key!*

*why? if somebody can help me with a comment to solution, thank you!*

On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 9:57 PM, Christopher Samuel
<samuel at unimelb.edu.au>wrote:

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> On 21/01/14 09:49, Mark Hahn wrote:
> > I'm not really sure why the kernel would need to do anything...
> Wikipedia says (*cough*):
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HD_Graphics_4000
> # The 128 MB of eDRAM is on the same package as the CPU, but in a
> # separate die manufactured in a different process. Intel refers
> # to this as a Level 4 cache that is available to both CPU and GPU,
> # naming it Crystal Well. Linux support for this eDRAM is expected
> # in kernel version 3.12, by making the drm/i915 driver aware and
> # capable of using it.
> The kernel code seems to refer to this eDRAM as eLLC or LLC FWIW, but
> there's been code coming in for this for a while now, perhaps that was
> just supporting infrastructure that wasn't enabled in the i915 driver
> until 3.12?
> For more info see "git log -p drivers/gpu/drm/i915/" :-)
> cheers!
> Chris
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