[Beowulf] i7-4770R 128MB L4 cache CPU in compact 0.79 litre box - DIY cluster?

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Tue Jan 21 11:26:32 PST 2014

> # naming it Crystal Well. Linux support for this eDRAM is expected
> # in kernel version 3.12, by making the drm/i915 driver aware and
> # capable of using it.

in other words, no kernel support is required, and the hardware acts 
as you'd expect (as a cache).  if you happen to want it to restrict it 
to only accelerating the onchip GPU, a kernel option is now available. 
the topic was in using it for general HPC acceleration, not GPU, no?

it would be an interesting knob to have for openCL code...

regards, mark.

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