[Beowulf] 8p 16 core x86_64 systems

Joshua Mora joshua_mora at usa.net
Tue Aug 12 09:57:55 PDT 2014

Hello Doug.
AMD CPUs are connected together with a coherent fabric named Hypertransport.
It allows to build shared memory system with coherency upto 8 numanodes.
Currently, AMD CPUs have 1 numanode or 2 numanodes. The first is in 1
package/socket named C32 and the second in a 1 package/socket named G34.
The package G34 has 2 numanodes connected with Hypertransport.
That is the way you can get in a single package upto 16 cores.
Hypertransport technology allows only upto 8 numanodes.
Therefore you can have mother boards that connect upto 8 C32 sockets or 4 G34
Hypertransport consortium has designed extensions to overcome this limit,
named high (numa) node count.
Adding below a link to the specification.

Without the intend to flood this list with marketing BS:
Numascale, a company in Europe (I can put you in contact with them) has built
an ASIC that allows you to build larger shared memory + coherency beyond the
Hypertransport limit of 8 numanodes.
You can buy then 4 G34 socket systems and connect them with this ASIC and
cables to build a larger system.
Adding below a link to their technology.

Best regards,
Joshua Mora.

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> Does anyone know of any manufactures who build an 8 processor (8-way)
motherboard which can utilize 16 core opteron chips?
> Tyan use to build the Transport VX50(B4985-E); however, it uses the older
chip set which only goes up to 4 cores per processor.
> Supermicro makes a 4p with 16 cores each for a total of 64cores per board.
> Just trying to reduce my foot print for all my cores in my cluster. Was
hoping to find some manufacture who has built a 8p with 16 cores per p,
yielding 128 cores per board, if not more.
> Thanks

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