[Beowulf] 8p 16 core x86_64 systems

doug.lattman at L-3com.com doug.lattman at L-3com.com
Tue Aug 12 09:01:58 PDT 2014

Does anyone know of any manufactures who build an 8 processor (8-way) motherboard which can utilize 16 core opteron chips?
Tyan use to build the Transport VX50(B4985-E); however, it uses the older chip set which only goes up to 4 cores per processor.
Supermicro makes a 4p with 16 cores each for a total of 64cores per board.
Just trying to reduce my foot print for all my cores in my cluster. Was hoping to find some manufacture who has built a 8p with 16 cores per p, yielding 128 cores per board, if not more.
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