[Beowulf] Innovative liquid cooling

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Reddi-Whip is VERY different from Cool-Whip.. the former is basically whipping cream (with sugar and carageneen) in a can pressurized with nitrous oxide (which has good properties for whipping cream).  Consumption of the propellant alone is a popular activity, leading to ever more complex seals on the cans in the store to prevent people from consuming the propellant and putting the can back on the shelf.

Cool-Whip is sold in a tub and is a foamed hydrogenated coconut and palm oil with corn syrup and some foam stabilizers like casein, xanthan gum and guar gum.  
 It can be frozen and thawed (unlike real cream).  Apparently, they started adding a small amount of skim milk to it in 2010.  (From a Kosher standpoint, CoolWhip was always considered dairy because of the sodium caseinate, which is made from milk)

Jim Lux

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On 03/04/2013 09:26 AM, Hearns, John wrote:
> Jorg,
> Thanks for the the additional details. You addressed all of my concerns.
> I wish the original article had these details. Unfortunately, I think 
> the original article simplified things a bit to much, and was a bit 
> optimistic about running one of these in a dessert.
> Oh come on. We've had some ridiculous suggestions on here of using whisky, gin and hydrogen for cooling.
> But liquid cream cooling - that's just milking it.
As soon as I read my own post, I realized I wrote "dessert" instead of "desert". Thanks for catching it. Bonus points for the horrible pun. 
What next? a discussion of what has a worse thermal conductivity: 
Redi-Whip or Cool-Whip?

I vote for Redi-Whip. Regardless of thermal properties, it's way better than Cool-Whip.

I really hope this products are sold internationally under the same names for the non-US list members...


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