[Beowulf] small distro for PXE boot, autostarts sshd?

Matt Lawrence matt at technoronin.com
Thu Feb 26 17:22:33 PST 2009

On Thu, 26 Feb 2009, David Mathog wrote:

> There are a million distros, and many "small" distros, but these seem to
> be optimized for desktop use.  Surely there are a few out there that can
> do the following:
> 1.  pxe boot (easily)
> 2.  autostart sshd, allowing root ssh login (there is no
>  keyboard on the remote machine).
> 3.  contains smartmontools, parted, fdisk, etc., but not any desktop pieces.

I've been doing this with CentOS for quite a while.  It works very well.

-- Matt
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