[Beowulf] Re: ECC support on motherboards?

Toon Moene toon at moene.indiv.nluug.nl
Thu May 22 12:21:59 PDT 2008

Douglas Eadline wrote:

> and a shell for ssh covers about 90% of what I do
> when I travel (I installed Lyx for good measure as well).
> And yes "I have imagined a beowulf cluster of Th-Eee's"

Indeed.  I had to hit Google with "asus eee pc terminal" to find out how 
to get it (it's filemanager->tools->console on my version), but finally 
this netbook starts to be useful.

Why slepp around a 3+ kg laptop to run the demo versions of your cluster 
software when you could just as well ssh -X into it from your asus eee pc ?

Now if it only would talk to my SpeedTouch wireless station at home, I 
could lose another cable ...

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