[Beowulf] Supercomputing Companies in the United Kingdom

Dan.Kidger at quadrics.com Dan.Kidger at quadrics.com
Thu May 22 11:00:21 PDT 2008

Well I suppose we could make a stab at buildng a list here...

Omiting any companies that are based elsewhere but have UK offices (of which there are quite a few)
Omitting all the Universities and Research centres that are writing HPC and Grid software (Daresbury, Manchester, EPCC et al.)
Also ommitting Application Software companies whose software are often run on clusters.

Integrators (usually with their own cluster management and deployment tools)
    Streamline http://www.streamline-computing.com/
    OCF  http://www.ocf.co.uk/
    Compusys http://www.compusys.co.uk/

     Quadrics  http://www.quadrics.com
     Phyworks http://www.phyworks-ic.com/  (more 10gigE than HPC)

    Clearspeed http://www.clearspeed.com
    Nallatech http://www.nallatech.com/

   Allinea http://www.allinea.com/  (a partner company to Streamline)
   Concurrent Thinking  http://www.concurrent-thinking.com/ (parent company of the above)
   NAG http://www.nag.co.uk/

who have I missed ?


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On Tue, 2008-05-20 at 16:02 -0400, Joe Landman wrote:
> Hi Mehmet:
> Mehmet Suzen wrote:
> >  Hello There,
> >
> >  I'm looking for a list of supercomputing companies in the United
> > Kingdom, doing significant software
> >  development for beowulf-type systems. Any names?
>    There are quite a few.  I would recommend pinging John Hearns and
> team over at Streamline.  They are a UK based HPC company, and have good
> contacts.

I work with John Hearns who is also on this list, streamline is a
trading name of concurrent-thinking.  If you have a specific question
I'm sure either of us could help.

>    Pure software HPC is another matter.  Are you looking for companies
> with products, or specific markets?  Or companies that develop HPC code
> for customers?

I could name several companies in a few different fields but would
struggle to give an exhaustive list.

Ashley Pittman.

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