[Beowulf] Re: Purdue Supercomputer - labeling Cables

Gerry Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Sun May 11 20:14:51 PDT 2008

Maurice Hilarius wrote:
> David Mathog <mathog at caltech.edu> wrote:
>> What about labeling the cables?  My rack's nodes' ethernet and power
>> cables are marked with the node's name at each end.  It was a low tech
>> approach involving printing names, cutting paper into strips with
>> scissors, and taping them on.  There are other types of label, many
>> based on modified zip ties, but they still have to be applied by hand.  
> White shrink tube works very well. Is secure, and does not project or 
> snag on things.
> One may pre-write it.
> Only downside is it has to be slipped over an end, so one has to pull 
> the end out of a socket to apply.

I did this years ago when I was making all my cat5 cables (be the first 
kid on YOUR block with all 100BaseT connections...) but that's been a 
long time.  Self laminating labels work pretty well, and Brady has 
several types to choose from.  If you have the connectors already on the 
cables, I don't see this as a self-starter.

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