[Beowulf] Again about NUMA (numactl and taskset)

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Mon Jun 23 23:38:12 PDT 2008

> > Your MPI (and OpenMP) should do this for you.
> Although not always correctly, it may assume that it can
> allocate from core 0 onwards leading to odd performance
> issues if you happen to get two 4 CPU jobs running on the
> same node..

Most clusters I've seen aren't used that way (whole nodes only), but
sure, you can always consult the manual in that case. Scali has posted
here several times about how they handle it, and I believe the
PathScale OpenMP and InfiniPath MPI manuals explicitly discuss
it. OpenMPI discusses how they don't yet handle this case at:


-- greg

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