[Beowulf] Stroustrup regarding multicore

Perry E. Metzger perry at piermont.com
Wed Aug 27 07:00:19 PDT 2008

Alan Louis Scheinine <alscheinine at tuffmail.us> writes:
> My list does not include C++ for scientific programming.
> The idea here is how to get past the initial difficulties
> of using C++.  As I've written a few hours ago, simple C
> is efficient for numerical programming, as others have said.

I've often thought that one of the few really legitimate uses for
operator overloading was to add vector/array ops.

Getting back to the original topic, a set of C++ classes that handled
APL style array operations and automatically parallelized them on
vector processors would be quite neat, and would actually be a
legitimate use of C++ (unlike the very wide variety of illegitimate
uses of the language.)

Perry E. Metzger		perry at piermont.com

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