[Beowulf] XPVM advice for Fedora 7

Vladimir V.Popov kosmos at mksat.net
Sun Nov 18 14:47:47 PST 2007

Hello, All!

I am trying to install PVM/XPVM (1-st time "yum install pvm-gui", and today 
from http://www.csm.ornl.gov/~kohl/XPVM/XPVM.src.1.2.5+8.tar.Z)
on Fedora 7, but seem to be having trouble:
bash-3.2$ xpvm
New PVMD started... XPVM 1.2.5 connected as TID=0x40001.
Initializing XPVM......alloc: invalid block: 0x939a680: 40 0 0

/usr/bin/xpvm: line 12: 18659 Aborted                 
$PVM_ROOT/bin/$PVM_ARCH/xpvm "$@"
Press any key to continue...   
Is there anyone who can help me with XPVM or..? 

My Best Wishes
for You and Yours!

73! <http://www.kosmos.mk.ua>

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