[Beowulf] who is buying those $200 PCs from wal-mart?

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Wed Nov 14 21:39:44 PST 2007


I'm a little surprised by this - personally, I think there's a large,
under-developed market for minimal-function PCs.  haven't we all met 
people who think that the web browser _is_ not only the internet, 
but also the computer?  but I wonder whether there aren't some of you
out there buying up these boxes to make clusters.

yes, I know: Via C7-D 1.5 GHz is hardly competitive with a quad-core penryn. 
but maybe something disk-intensive and embarassingly parallel?

I'd love to hear stories.  heck, I'd get a huge kick out of it
if the integrated nic can do PXE ;)

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