[Beowulf] Meta-Rant, a recursive rhetorical sentence, skip if your bandwidth is limited

Peter St. John peter.st.john at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 12:02:15 PDT 2007

Were I to constuct a sentence by writing a gopher, which follows the links
of the wiki articles for first, the Theorem which asserts that Proofs are
Programs, and second, the wiki articles regarding divers symbolic
mathematics computation packages such as Cayley, Maple, and MAXSYMA, and
then, pursing onwards my rhetorical design, I wrote a C progam which
imprimis, flattens all the links into huge text files and secundus, replaces
all instances of periods preceeded by alphbetical characters and
additionally succeeded by capital lettters, and replaced these instances
with the string "; and furthermore, " while downcasing the aforementioned
capital, then in this very self-referential sentence you are reading I could
express that by using <source code of my gohper and string munger> and
applying the result to "<HTML material from Wiki>" to produce "<flattened,
sentence-punctured resultant text>" I will have demonstrated convincingly
that on the one hand, Mathematics proves that proofs are programs, and on
the other, that programs convert proofs to programs, and that therefore for
complexity measurement purposes one can reasonably consider these
historically kindred activities as ergodically equivalent; but, above all
else, I will further have demonstrated that while I may not actually
constrct rhetorical sentences superior to your own, I can, in vivid contrast
but murky relevance, produce algorithms which, if actually implemented,
would certainly generate rhetorical sentences of greater length than
anything that even RGB can hope to type in finite time, although of course I
would have to include in the subject line of the mail item, be it ever so
huge as to choke our SMTP servers, the referent "(Top that for a rhetorical
sentence, Peter:-)".

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