[Beowulf] Help with HPL Makefile

Kilian CAVALOTTI kilian at stanford.edu
Tue Apr 10 17:30:58 PDT 2007

Hi Stephen, 

On Sunday 08 April 2007 08:36:27 pm snj78 at comcast.net wrote:
> What should my arch be?  Does that even matter?  

That's just a mnemonic thing, so if you build several versions with 
different MPI implementations, compilers or options, you can distinguish 

> I realize I have to supply paths to the BLAS and MPI headers and
> libraries but exactly which libraries and header files? 

Basically a BLAS library and MPI libs.

> The compiler I 
> am using is mpicc which is just linked to gcc, but shouldn't that
> compiler supply the links to the correct libraries and header files? 

Only the ones the compiler itself needs, but it cannot guess where are the 
libs you want to link your program to.

> Also, 
> I am not using an network file systems so am I correct in assuming that
> all of the libraries need to be on each of the nodes?  

Right, unless you statically compile your program.

> # ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> # - HPL Directory Structure / HPL library ------------------------------
> # ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> #
> TOPdir = $(HOME)/hpl

Be sure this TOPdir is the one in which you uncompressed the HPL source 

> MPdir = /usr/include/openmpi
> MPinc = -I$/usr/include/include
> MPlib = $(MPdir)/lib/libmpich.a

You can try to replace the last line with:
MPlib = -L$(MPdir)/lib/

The rest of the Makefile seems fine. What errors exactly do you get?


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