[Beowulf] Outdoor location?

Vic Cornell vcc at noc.soton.ac.uk
Wed Aug 23 08:16:32 PDT 2006

What about humidity?

I know most kit is more tolerant than these days but it must rain  
there sometime :-)

If that is ok then maybe a side wall of downward angled but wide- 
mouthed louvres.

How well sealed is your desk? Drips could be costly.

Also there is climate change . . . .


On 22 Aug 2006, at 23:52, Eric McCaughrin wrote:

> In Northern Calif., we are blessed with natural,
> year-round air conditioning. Ambient temps very rarely
> go over 85F, or lower than 40F. With HVAC being a
> major (biggest?) cost, I am wondering if anyone
> considered an outdoor location?
> In my backyard, I have an unused 70A 240v line, and a
> large 30" high deck. Maybe this is a totally stupid
> idea, but what would be the feasibility of mounting
> nodes underneath the 2x6 planks of the deck? There
> must be some way to keep the nodes dry without
> compromising air circulation? And running the nodes
> continuously should build up enough heat to prevent
> dew from forming.
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