[Beowulf] Outdoor location?

Sean Dilda sean at duke.edu
Wed Aug 23 08:39:00 PDT 2006

Eric McCaughrin wrote:
> In Northern Calif., we are blessed with natural,
> year-round air conditioning. Ambient temps very rarely
> go over 85F, or lower than 40F. With HVAC being a
> major (biggest?) cost, I am wondering if anyone
> considered an outdoor location?
> In my backyard, I have an unused 70A 240v line, and a
> large 30" high deck. Maybe this is a totally stupid
> idea, but what would be the feasibility of mounting
> nodes underneath the 2x6 planks of the deck? There
> must be some way to keep the nodes dry without
> compromising air circulation? And running the nodes
> continuously should build up enough heat to prevent
> dew from forming.

I can't comment on Norther California, but here in NC, the only way to 
ensure it stays dry is to completely enclose it, at which point you 
loose your airflow.

Even if you can find a way to keep it dry without damaging airflow, how 
will you maintain physical security of the boxes?

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