[Beowulf] AMD Athlon with Intel Fortran Compiler, which options?

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Tue Mar 22 15:43:32 PST 2005

I thought they still had processor check code in there, that checks the 
intel CPU id, and defaults to p3/p4 base w/o SSE.  You can compile it, 
it just might not select that code path (SSE*).   Does this for  Opterons.

Stuart Midgley wrote:
> Actually you can use everything except the SSE3 stuff.  Once the 2.6GHz 
> Opterons are out and about, you will be able to use SSE3 as well.
> I have managed to compile code in 64bit mode on an opteron using the 
> Intel compilers.  If I remember correctly, I used something like
>     -fast -xW
> whereas -fast usually turns on -xP which gives SSE3 stuff.
> Stu.

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