[Beowulf] AMD Athlon with Intel Fortran Compiler, which options?

Stuart Midgley stuart.midgley at anu.edu.au
Tue Mar 22 13:33:54 PST 2005

Actually you can use everything except the SSE3 stuff.  Once the 2.6GHz 
Opterons are out and about, you will be able to use SSE3 as well.

I have managed to compile code in 64bit mode on an opteron using the 
Intel compilers.  If I remember correctly, I used something like

	-fast -xW

whereas -fast usually turns on -xP which gives SSE3 stuff.


On 23/03/2005, at 4:24, Mikhail Kuzminsky wrote:

> In message from Philippe SENOT <senot at sciences.univ-metz.fr> (Mon, 21 
> Mar 2005 15:00:14 +0100):
>> Hi,
>> I would like to know which options I must use to compile some progs 
>> on dual athlon 2800+ with intel fortran compiler.
> You may use all the optimization options available for Pentium III.
> Of course, I assume 32-bit version of Intel compiler.
>> And if you know others free fortran compiler for this platform.
> g77 or (must be soon available) g95.
> Mikhail Kuzminsky
> Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry
> Moscow

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