[Beowulf] Re: So we will write our own book - next steps...

Dan Williams ddw at dreamscape.com
Tue Mar 1 21:02:48 PST 2005

The question has been raised as to addressing the needs of beginners, as well 
as advanced people. I am about as beginner as you can get. I have never built 
or used a cluster, and am a Linux newbie, besides. If a rank beginner chapter 
is desired, I volunteer to write it, if someone can hold my hand while I turn 
a pair of Pentium 100MHz motherboards and miscellaneous parts I have in my 
junk pile into a working (2 node) cluster. I am pretty good at writing 
non-fiction if it's a subject I know or can learn about, but as of now, I only 
have the vaguest notions on how to make a functioning cluster.  If there is 
interest in including a chapter that is detailed enough but basic enough that 
someone who knows nothing on the subject can learn enough to actually build a 
functioning cluster from junk parts, then I'm your writer.  I'll build a 
"proof of concept" junkyard cluster and write about it, if someone can help me 
figure out how.


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