[Beowulf] So we will write our own book - next steps...

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Tue Mar 1 16:21:04 PST 2005

G'day all

I humbly submit my A$0.02 as a novice Beowulf'er.

I don't have a problem with a series of collected articles. I agree it's a great way to keep the journal/book fresh. The personal styles of the authors doesn't present a challenge for me if the content is good quality. This list is a great example!

I'd like to see "something in front of the punters" rather than aiming for perfection with little output as a result. Esp as we're initally looking at a soft format. 

Articles need not be long and involved. Some of the gems I've got from this list are 25 words or less ;) Another advantage of the article approach.

Once we get to "things", my suggestion for an outline (per topic) is:

-) What is it? (with a bit of background/history etc)
-) How does it work? (Roughly)
-) How to I install/use it?
-) Tricks and tips (solutions to common problems)
-) Where to find more info (net refs, books etc)

You're basic FAQ thang :)

Vendors are in but the editors wield a heavy hand on 'barrow pushing. The vendors on this list seem good on the education and rarely get pulled into a p'ing contest. Something rare and beautiful compared to other lists! They know their kit, I'd like their knowledge and experience. No doubt they'll be flooded with sales as a result ;)

Ability to download journal/book for offline reading is critical.

Editors are neutral moderators. Eg. They don't side on local HD v's net boot but will present (all) options without fear nor favour. The goal is to leave the reader in a position to make an informed decision :)

I have every intention to contribute. The words are vapour until it do! =)


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