[Beowulf] MyPBS but for SGE5/6?

Eric Wages wages at eece.maine.edu
Mon Jun 28 10:03:22 PDT 2004

I'm actually starting to work on multi-cluster support for our software 
today and don't think it should take TOO long, but you know how this 

Integrating MyPBS into other systems shouldn't be too much of an issue 
as long as it supports prologue and epilogue functionality.


Eric Wages
Advanced Computing Research Lab
University of Maine

> On Thu, 2004-06-24 at 14:20, Mark C. Ballew wrote:
>> I saw that Eric Wages posted about Maine.edu's MyPBS project a few
>> mintues ago, and it looks very interesting. Unfortunately, my site 
>> uses
>> SGE 5 and soon 6. Are there any packages similar to MyPBS out there 
>> for
>> SGE?
> I haven't seen any that work directly with SGE.  If you by the
> commercial version of SGE 6.0 it should have support for accounting.
> If you switch your scheduler to Maui, that provides support
> for Qbank.  However, the integrating of SGE+Maui is not complete,
> and it doesn't sound like the project is moving forward.  You
> can look into using Moab from Cluster Resources as your scheduler,
> which provides support for QBank, but it is not free.
> It doesn't look like it would take much work to integrate QBank
> directly into SGE 6.0.  QBank explains how to integrate their
> C API into DRMs.  If you could find the right place to put the
> checks, I can't believe it would be more than 100 lines of code.
> You need to insert code in 3 spots, so Qbank is called at job
> submission, job start, and job completion.
> You might be able to integrating Qbank with less work.  The
> support wouldn't be as complete, but you could call Qbank from
> the job prologue and epilogue scripts.  That might be enough
> for your needs.
> Craig
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