[Beowulf] New PBS Accounting Package Release

Eric Wages wages at eece.maine.edu
Wed Jun 23 13:50:21 PDT 2004

The University of Maine Advanced Computing Research Lab is proud to
announce the beta release of MyPBS, an accounting package for
supercomputers running the Portable Batch System (OpenPBS, PBS Pro,
Torque,...) based resource managers.

The accounting package, called MyPBS because it uses MySQL to integrate
advanced accounting features with PBS, includes features such as:
credit, debit, and mixed-mode (debit with no overdraft protection)
operation configurable on a per-project basis; user to project(s)
association(s); project based queue access control; multiple pricing
schemes configurable on a per-project basis with the ability to charge
different prices for overdraft; statistical tracking; a web-based
graphical interface; and more.

We plan on adding many more features, and we need your help!  Please
download and try MyPBS. Let us know if you find any bugs, or have any
suggestions for additional features.  We have several features on our
road map, but we are always in need of additional input.

See http://my-pbs.sourceforge.net for more information!


Eric Wages
Advanced Computing Research Lab
University of Maine

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