[Beowulf] cluster on Mellanox Infiniband

Michael Hanulec hanulec at hanulec.com
Wed Jun 23 00:02:26 PDT 2004

> > Hrm, no, VMI 2.0 doesn't require neither THCA-3 nor HPC Gold CD (whatever
> > it is ;)).
>   The NCSA site for VMI says "Infiniband device is linked against THCA-3.
> OpenIB device is linked using HPC Gold CD distrib". What does it means ?

I believe this HPC Gold CD is a tested version of the Linux 'OpenIB.org'
drivers which have been tested by Mellanox.  Unfortunately this is all I
know currently about these OpenIB drivers as I've only used the products
from TopSpin (who is a customer of Mellanox.. as they I believe are now
the sole IB Silicon provider) in the past.

> I must install VMI for Opteron + SuSE 9.0, there is no such binary RPM,
> i.e. I must install VMI from the source. I thought that I must use software
> cited above for building of my bibary VMI version.
>    I beleive that Software/Driver THCA Linux 3.1.1 will be delivered w/Mellanox
> cards. OpenSM 0.3.1 - I hope, also.
>  But I don'n know nothing about "HPC Gold CD distrib" :-(


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