[Beowulf] cluster on Mellanox Infiniband

Mikhail Kuzminsky kus at free.net
Mon Jun 21 06:31:53 PDT 2004

According to Franz Marini
> Hi,
> On Fri, 18 Jun 104, Mikhail Kuzminsky wrote:
> > 1) Do we need to buy some additional software from Mellanox ?
> > (like THCA-3 or HPC Gold CD Distrib etc)
> You shouldn't have to.
  Thank you VERY much for your fast reply !! I'm glad to hear ...
> > 2) Any information about potential problems of building and using
> > of this hard/software. 
> > To be more exactly, we want to install also MVAPICH (for MPI-1) or
> > new VMI 2.0 from NCSA for work w/MPI. 
> > For example, VMI 2.0, I beleive, requires THCA-3 and HPC Gold CD for
> > installation. But I don't know, will we receive this software w/Mellanox
> > cards or we should buy this software additionally ?
> Hrm, no, VMI 2.0 doesn't require neither THCA-3 nor HPC Gold CD (whatever 
> it is ;)). 
  The NCSA site for VMI says "Infiniband device is linked against THCA-3.
OpenIB device is linked using HPC Gold CD distrib". What does it means ?
I must install VMI for Opteron + SuSE 9.0, there is no such binary RPM,
i.e. I must install VMI from the source. I thought that I must use software
cited above for building of my bibary VMI version. 
   I beleive that Software/Driver THCA Linux 3.1.1 will be delivered w/Mellanox
cards. OpenSM 0.3.1 - I hope, also.
 But I don'n know nothing about "HPC Gold CD distrib" :-(
> We have a small (6 dual Xeon nodes, plus server) testbed cluster with 
> Mellanox Infiniband (switched, obviously). 
> So far, it's been really good. We tested the net performance with SKaMPI4 
> ( http://liinwww.ira.uka.de/~skampi/ ), the results should be in the 
> online db soon, if you want to check them out.
> Seeing that you are at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, I guess you're 
> interested in running programs like Gromacs or CPMD. So far both of them 
> worked great with our cluster, as far as only one cpu per node is used 
> (running two different runs of gromacs and/or CPMD on both cpus on each 
> node gives good results, but running only one instance of either program 
> on both cpus on each node results in very poor scaling).
  It looks that it gives conflicts on bus to shared memory ?

Thanks for help
Mikhail Kuzminsky
Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry
> Have a good day,
> Franz 
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> Franz Marini
> Sys Admin and Software Analyst,
> Dept. of Physics, University of Milan, Italy.
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