[Beowulf] MIPS/Watt data

Bari Ari bari at onelabs.com
Wed Jun 2 07:57:12 PDT 2004

Jim Lux wrote:

> Just for grins..
> A company (Faraday Technology) has announced an implementation of a ARM 
> V4 core that they claim runs at 500 MHz at 0.3 Watts.  They claim this 
> is good for about 675 Dhrystone MIPS (but, of course, since Dhrystone is 
> integer and small, it's probably running entirely out of the 32k on-chip 
> cache).  That's 2250 MIPS/watt, which is quite impressive (of course, 
> it's on an ancient benchmark that is probably irrelevant for most 
> applications)
> If we compare Dhry mips to Bogomips (who's to say if we're not within an 
> order of magnitude).. A 3.4 GHz P4 turned in 6700 Bogomips.  That was 
> probably around 100W (total guess), for 67 Bogomips/watt.

ARM, Mips and SH all beat the pants off x86 in the MIPS/watt and also in 
the FLOPS/watt department.

Nobody seems to be interested in clusters built with these 
architectures. We started design on a 1TFLOP cluster a few years back 
based on a 64/128 bit MIPS cpu by Toshiba (similar to the emotion engine 
in the Playstation2). It would have fit into a single 19" rack and 
consumed around only 6,000 watts.


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