eepro100 confusion

rqueneau rqueneau at
Wed Oct 23 18:05:12 PDT 2002


I recently had two IBM Linux clusters installed at my work site. Due to
certain customer issues, our cisco switches have all ports set to 100Mbits
Full Duplex for all server connections. When I monitor the port that the
head node uses I find lots of errors, i.e. CRC's, Runts, etc... I have found
many configuration articles for the eepro100 that talk about using the
options statement in the /etc/modules.conf file. The problem is that these
articles are inconsistant. One says to use options=0x30, another says use
0x200 and yet another says use 0x2100. Which one is correct? I'm running Red
Hat 7.3 on IBM M-Pro systems. In my other installation I'm running Red Hat
7.1. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Rick Queneau
Boeing - Seal Beach, CA.

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