Help needed

Ares ares at
Wed Oct 23 09:03:09 PDT 2002

My name is Derek Pryor. I am a senior in high school and to graduate we have to do a big project. I am creating a beowulf cluster for my project. One of the requirements is that we have a mentor help us out. I have not found anyone in my local area (Seattle, WA) so I asking online now.

What this would involve is helping me plan out the design of the software. Also I would need some help creating a benchmark test so I could mesure the proformance increase. I have knowledge in Linux and C Programming and Linux Socket Programming.

If you are intersted or have any questions feel free to talk to me.
Email: ares at
Aim: sith lord 1226 (I'm on most of the time from 3pm – 9pm PST)

Thank you.

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