Is there any information about diffrence between scyld,sce,rocks and OSCAR?

Laurence laurenceliew at
Sat Oct 12 17:11:25 PDT 2002


Use which ever cluster tools you are comfortable with
now. Once you know how to use one and learnt the
basics, then you can explore the others and determine
which one you want to use on a longer term. Each one
has its plus and minus.

Scyld - commercial yes, but you can get low-cost/free
versions. Support is still good on this list for Scyld
and you should have no worries. This is often what we
call the 2nd generation beowulf with a single-image
system. Scyld achieve this with bproc. It is a easy to
use and powerful cluster system if it meets your

OSCAR - I used to follow its development, but not
anymore.. however MSC software's Linux is based on it.
I believe IBM's cluster team works on OSCAR and
contributes parts of it

ROCKS - very nice rpm based cluster system. uses
re-install as a basis of system management (to ensure
consistent image across cluster nodes). Works with
heterogenous hardware (INTEL and AMD, different sizes
HDDs etc). Many vendors uses it today, including HPQ,
Cray etc...

SCE - SCE has its own install procedure. Its strongest
point is its highly graphical tools for system
monitoring and maintenance. There used to be a VRML
module which allowed you to see your cluster in 3-D
fashion. Today, SCE has annouced support for ROCKS
also.. so we should see ROCKS with SCE software.

Qualification: we use ROCKS for our clusters and
clusters we deploy for our customers today as it suits
our needs and our customer needs.


> "Zou Guangxian" <zouguangxian at> wrote:
> > hi 
> > 
> >    i am a newbie and plan to build a cluster .but
> which package should i choose?Scyld ,sce, rocks  or
> OSCAR?what about the diffrences between them? 
> >    i have learn a little about scyld ,but it is a
> commercial tool.:-(
> >    Regards
> >                weck.


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