FastE NIC Recommendation

Jeff Layton jeffrey.b.layton at
Mon Nov 18 06:29:50 PST 2002

Michael Stein wrote:

> > I'm finally getting my home cluster together so I'm looking for some
> > inexpensive FastE NICS. I want inexpensive NICS that offer PXE and
> > decent performance for MPI codes (i.e. a good network load). Also,
> > in the next year or so, I'll be going with channel bonding so the NICs
> > should also handle bonding reasonalble well.  Or perhaps GigE for home
> > use will be cheap enough by then.
> What's inexpensive?
> Depending on your price range you might consider the Intel pro/1000MT
> desktop (not server) PWLA8390MT for around $50 each.  This is 10/100/1000
> and I think it has PXE (the spec page says PXE and I think I remember
> seeing a boot screen at one point).

   OK, let's bound the problem some more. I know the RealTek stuff (non C+
chipsets) are really bad, but they are very cheap. So let's assume that
$5.00 is my desire (but not probably realistic). $50 is a bit much for just
a home machine. I'd like something less than $15 but that's also probably
   Anybody know of any RealTeck 8139C+ cards? I seem to remember
Don mentioning that this chipset wasn't too bad.


Jeff (from work)


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